Check out these other projects and websites for additional information about archaeology in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog: A website that posts regular updates on Southeast Asian archaeology in the news.

American Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists: A small website and Google Group for North American based scholars with an interest in Southeast Asian archaeology.

Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association: Many free PDF articles on Southeast Asian archaeology.

Asian Perspectives:  Archaeological journal devoted to the prehistory of Asia and the Pacific region, many free PDF articles are available for download.

The Vietnamese Institute of Archaeology webpage (in Vietnamese).

The Vietnamese National Museum of History webpage.

The Museum of History in Ho Chi Minh City website.

The Anthropology Museum at Hanoi National University.

The Center for Southeast Asian Prehistory, Vietnam.

The Bronze Age site of Go O Chua, Vietnam: A website on the project by the German-Vietnamese excavation team.

Archaeological Highlights:  A Vietnamese archaeology blog by archaeologist Dzung Lam (in Vietnamese and English).

Thang Long Heritage Conservation Centre, Hanoi.